Sketches of the History of Science
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Sketches of the History of Science

Justine Bell and Justin Marleau
Champlain St-Lambert

Ever wondered how science came about, but were intimidated by voluminous tomes that tell but do not show how it was all done? With its hundreds of illustrations and accessible writing style, Sketches of the History of Science helps you navigate the philosophical underpinnings of science, shows you its roots in natural philosophy, and illuminates complex phenomena in early and modern biology, chemistry, and physics. Requiring no previous background in the natural sciences, the book can be read both for fun and for class to develop a better understanding of the origins of science and how it works.


Discipline(s) : Multidisciplinaire 360
Programme(s) d'études : Histoire et civilisation (700.B0)
Publication : 2019
Nombre de pages : 228
ISBN : Print Edition: 978-2-89470-397-7; Electronic Edition: 978-2-89470-398-4


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