News 2020

The CCDMD invites you to submit your project for 2021

November 10, 2020
The CCDMD's 2021 Call for Projects is online! You can submit your teaching materials proposal now. Just check the presentation guide in the Documentation section of our website and complete the CCDMD Project Presentation Form. Furthermore, we can meet with you to explain the project proposal procedure and, at the same time, explain the [...]

The CCDMD launches the 10th edition of the World of Images Intercollegiate Photo Contest

September 28, 2020
For the 10th consecutive year, the CCDMD is proud to present the World of Images Intercollegiate Photo Contest. Every year since 2011, the CCDMD has hosted this contest that aims to encourage the next generation of photographers and to foster the production and sharing of high-quality photographs in the education sector. The usually [...]

Publication of a new online resource

September 28, 2020
The CCDMD is pleased to add a new website to its catalogue. PASS (Performance Assessment and Strategies for Success) is a resource for nursing teachers who wish to help their students succeed on written tests. It was designed by Antoinette Cocciolo and Sheila Cross, nursing teachers at Vanier College. PASS has the following specific [...]

A CCDMD manual awarded in culinary competition

September 23, 2020
The CCDMD is proud to announce that the Lexique français-anglais de la cuisine et de la restauration (French-to-English Culinary and Restaurant Service Lexicon) has been selected for the shortlist of the 2020 Taste Canada Awards in the Culinary Narratives category. Nearly 90 textbooks were submitted this year. The book was designed and [...]

Preparing to go back to school with the CCDMD

August 17, 2020
The CCDMD is pleased to present several new educational resources for the 2020–2021 school year. Many of these resources are designed by and for college teachers and are free and available online, which makes them more relevant than ever in the current context. The CCDMD strives to remain faithful to its mission by showing its unwavering [...]

CCDMD educational kit

June 17, 2020
Once again this year, the CCDMD is offering a kit to present its numerous educational resources. The kit is particularly designed for new teachers. You can view the contents of the kit online at

CCDMD Call for Projects

June 17, 2020
Two selection committees, i.e. one for French-language projects and one for English-language projects, made up of college, Ministère de l’Éducation, and CCDMD representatives, convened in June to choose projects that meet the criteria outlined in the Call for Projects. In total, 7 projects were selected. Each year, the CCDMD issues a [...]

Update to the WeBWorK open-source math exercise platform

June 15, 2020
The CCDMD’s WeBWorK server gives you access to a new library of 450 English-language math problems (English Problem Library). The new problems were developed by Heritage College math teachers Marie‑Claude Bonneau and Robert Hart. This library was added to the existing 3,046 French-language problems. The problems are generally diversified [...]

Announcement of the Winners of the Intercollegiate Photo Contest

June 3, 2020
The Collegial Centre for Educational Materials Development (CCDMD) revealed the names of the winners in the 9th World of Images Intercollegiate Photo Contest during an online event on June 3. Ten students shared scholarships worth a total of $3,000 as well as five subscriptions to Photo Solution magazine. The CCDMD has been holding the [...]

CCDMD Digital Resources: A wealth of online learning resources

April 9, 2020
In an effort to support the collective goal of ensuring the effective resumption of teaching activities, the Collegial Centre for Educational Materials Development (CCDMD) will help the college community to meet the challenge of continuing courses remotely. For over 25 years, the CCDMD has been producing educational resources for teachers and [...]