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A great launch and evening

October 25, 2022

On Monday, October 24th, the CCDMD held its joint launch in Montreal.

With this new format for the event, authors, their guests, collaborators and project managers were able to get together to celebrate the release of several resources that came out during the year 2021-2022.

The event consisted of two parts: a brief presentation of each resource by its project manager, followed by a meet and greet with the authors to learn about their work.


The textbooks, games and websites featured during the evening included:

Left photo: Sylvain Lafortune, Hélène Lévesque. Right photo: Cathie Dugas, Michel Hardy-Vallée, Benoit Gauthier.

  • Projet ATOPOS (French website), by Benoît D’Amours and Sophie Savard-Laroche
  • Dlibr (French web platform), by Christian Frenette and Olivier Roy
  • Philo-Aide (French website), by Anne-Marie Claret and Thierry Laberge

Left photo: Amel Zaaza, Michel Hardy-Vallée. Centre photo: Olivier Roy, Denis Chabot, Christian Frennette. Right photo: Dominique Fortier, Anne-Marie Claret, Thierry Laberge.

Left photo: Dominique Fortier, Chantal Contant, Francine Corbeil. Right photo: Nicholas Birks, Joanna Farmer, Anouk Noel. 

Congratulations to all the authors, collaborators, and project managers who worked with them on these wonderful resources that make the CCDMD proud of its role as a publisher in the college system. Thank you for your commitment and contribution to the teachers and, of course, the students of the CEGEP network.

Thank you to all our guests for their cheerful presence which helped make this event a success!