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Crisscross Words is now available on the Web!

October 21, 2021

Crisscross Words is a tool that allows teachers of all disciplines to build dictionaries of words and definitions from which they can generate crossword grids. It is the ideal tool to create fun educational activities aimed at building and improving your vocabulary.

This fourth version is now available online: you no longer need to download the software to your computer to create grids. This version also features a new look and an interface that adapts to any type of device (phones, tablets and computers).

The grids created in Crisscross Words can be shared with students using hyperlinks, or simply printed and distributed in class. The crossword grids posted online can include hints, anagrams, and a timer. Students can restart a grid as often as they wish or save their work to return to it later.

Users of the old version of Crisscross Words will be pleased to learn that they can export their dictionaries and import them into the new version. They will be able to build crossword grids quickly without losing any of the work done in the old software. New users will have access to a sample dictionary when they create an account. They will be able to use this dictionary to see the full potential of the tool or to learn how to generate grids.

As a reminder, the CCDMD has undertaken to update many of its resources, and several of them are now available online. For example, Netquiz Web+, Cantare and Eco2 were recently updated, and more than 15 games to improve your French were also revamped in recent months.