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Update to the WeBWorK open-source math exercise platform

June 15, 2020

The CCDMD’s WeBWorK server gives you access to a new library of 450 English-language math problems (English Problem Library). The new problems were developed by Heritage College math teachers Marie‑Claude Bonneau and Robert Hart. This library was added to the existing 3,046 French-language problems.

The problems are generally diversified in terms of their content and format, and deal with a wide array of mathematical concepts. One of the distinctive features of the new English‑language problems is that they help learners to work through all the problem-solving steps.

WeBWorK is a math exercise platform that uses open-source technology. It is provided free of charge by the CCDMD to all teachers and students in the college network to meet their specific needs. A search tool was also developed by the CCDMD to enable, for instance, advanced searches with keywords and filters.

To make it easier for teachers to sign up for WeBWorK, and to simplify how they manage and share their courses, the CCDMD developed a home interface called “Portail de Math,” which is available at The interface is available in French only at the current time. However, the WeBWorK user interface is available in several languages, including English.