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Update of French improvement games

February 5, 2020

Updates of several teaching games are available on the CCDMD’s Amélioration du français website.

Défi : Constructions fautives can be found in the Jeux pédagogiques/Vocabulaire et expressions section. This exercise detects not only common vocabulary and syntax errors (pleonasms, anglicisms, inappropriate words, etc.) but also errors related to prepositions, transitivity, pronouns and more.

In the Jeux pédagogiques/Orthographe d’usage section you will find Défi : Orthographe d’usage which sets the challenge of finding spelling errors in a series of words.

In the Jeux pédagogiques/Syntaxe section, Introduction aux marqueurs de relation provides practice in finding connecting words and exploring their role and meaning.

In the Jeux pédagogiques/Jeux spécialisés section, Figures de style offers numerous examples to show how to identify stylistic devices in sentences.

Finally, Les accords : Un cadavre dans l’entrepôt, in the Parcours guidés section, offers four sets of varied exercises on grammatical agreement.

These teaching activities can make learning certain aspects of French livelier. The games have a modern look and are available for every platform.