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New in our catalogue: Netquiz Web+

March 31, 2020

Netquiz Web PlusThe CCDMD is pleased to present the latest version of its popular tool for creating, posting and managing online questionnaires, Netquiz Web+.

The latest version of this comprehensive tool works similarly to the previous one (Netquiz Web), except for the following significant improvements:

  • New summative section with the possibility to program assessments and export the results.
  • New Revision item to find and correct errors in a text.
  • New visual format of the answer interface, compatible with all devices.

It is also no longer necessary to download the application to a computer or to host it on a server. All you need is to request an account from the Netquiz Web+ website.

Questionnaires are designed using one of 15 different types of items: classification, dictation, essay, fill in the blanks, highlight, identify parts of an image, matching board, multiple answers, multiple choice, page, revision, sequencing, short answer, and true or false.

Each item can include images, sounds, videos, terms linked to an interactive glossary, and detailed feedback. Assessments made in Netquiz Web+ can be programmed, and the results are easily exported. The answer interface is user-friendly and compatible with all devices.

Designed and developed by the CCDMD team in the 1990s, Netquiz is a widely used resource in the education community. The tool has evolved over time and has not failed to adapt to the realities and imperatives of technology with the periodic release of updated versions: Netquiz Pro 2.9 (2006), Netquiz Pro 4 (2010), Netquiz Web (2014), and now, Netquiz Web+ (2020).

Note – COVID-19

Considering the exceptional situation we currently face and in order to accommodate the college community, the CCDMD decided to make Netquiz Web+ available a few weeks earlier than initially scheduled. As the user testing period has been reduced, you may encounter small bugs or anomalies while you use the resource. If that’s the case, we encourage you to report them.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and your cooperation. We also wish you courage in the coming weeks and months. The team at CCDMD is there to help you during this period that is undoubtedly full of challenges, but also, possibly full of great opportunities.