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CCDMD Digital Resources: A wealth of online learning resources

April 9, 2020

In an effort to support the collective goal of ensuring the effective resumption of teaching activities, the Collegial Centre for Educational Materials Development (CCDMD) will help the college community to meet the challenge of continuing courses remotely.

For over 25 years, the CCDMD has been producing educational resources for teachers and students of the Quebec college network. Many of these resources are developed by and for college teachers, and they are available for free online, which makes them more relevant than ever in the current context.

Here’s an overview of the numerous resources that we offer you:

Netquiz Web+Netquiz Web+

The latest version of Netquiz Web, a tool for creating and posting online formative and summative questionnaires, comes at a very timely moment. It includes significant improvements:

  • New summative section with the possibility of creating assessments and exporting their results
  • New Revision item to find and correct errors in a text
  • New visual format of the answer interface that is compatible with all devices

Here is an example of a questionnaire created with Netquiz Web+: Cinequiz


French-language improvement

The Amélioration du français and Francomane websites include many resources that were designed by college teachers mainly to help improve French-language skills. These resources include:

  • 3,000 pages of exercises in PDF format dealing with several aspects of the French language, including:
    • Spelling
    • Grammar
    • Vocabulary
    • Syntax
    • Punctuation
  • Guided courses and interactive activities on the same aspects
  • Writing and self-correction strategies material
  • More than 300 multimedia resources for learning and teaching French as a second language

Here are some of the resources that we would like to point out:

Examples de resources French-language improvement

Défi constructions fautives: Interactive activities on common vocabulary and syntax errors, along with detailed feedback.

Un cadavre dans l’entrepôt: Interactive learning modules to develop your ability to make verbs agree with their subjects in sentences and to properly spell other verb forms

Le détecteur de fautes: Dozens of interactive activities that consist of correcting frequent mistakes in texts written by college students.

Sortir de l’impasse avec les participes passés: A game to review or learn more about the grammar rules that apply to past participles in French.

Francomane: More than 300 multimedia resources to learn and teach French as a second language.


Le monde en images

The World of Images website offers a vast collection of nearly 75,000 media items of all types that can be used to design high-quality teaching materials. It includes:

  • 67,000 royalty-free photographs for educational purposes
  • 3,000 illustrations from our manuals
  • 4,300 videos
  • Hundreds of albums organized by theme, discipline or Quebec region.

Here are a few examples of albums including resources in English:

Examples of regional, disciplinary and thematic albums

…And One Classical | Professional theatre | Thematic album | 91 media items

Illustrations and videos produced for the manual ...And One Classical: A Shakespeare Audition Handbook.

Geography | Disciplinary album | 938 media items

A selection of current and archival photos, as well as relevant videos for the discipline of geography.

London | Regional album | 147 media items

Photographs of the United Kingdom’s capital and its surrounding area.

Sketches of the History of Science | Thematic album | 55 media items

Illustrations from the manual Sketches of the History of Science that deals with the history of science since the advent of biology, chemistry and physics.


Conférences numériquesSteven Guilbault

The Conférences numériques website is a project involving the dissemination of presentations and debates that are intended for the college network, as well as the community at large. It includes:

  • 251 lectures on all areas of study (in French and in English)
  • Well-known specialists such as Françoise David, Steven Guilbeault, Louise Harel, Albert Jacquard, Hubert Reeves, etc.

Quelques exemples de conférences se trouvant sur le site

La culture des jeunes [presentation in English] | Danah Boyd

Sociology, Technology

Internationally known for her work on youth culture, the relationships between technology and society, and social networks, Danah Boyd takes an in-depth look at how information technology (IT) has changed the way that young people work, buy things, study and get socially involved.

Australia and the Asian Century, a Model for Canada? | Russell Trood

Economy, Political science

Professor Russell Trood depicts the historical and current picture of relationships between Australia and its Asian neighbours. Then, Fred Bild, former Canadian ambassador in Asia, explains how these relationships can be a source of inspiration for Canada.

Meilleures pratiques de gestion à l'ère de la génération C [presentation in English] | Jennifer Okimoto

Sociology, Technology

Lecturer Jennifer Okimoto specializes in the changing nature of work, social networking, collaboration and learning. In this talk, she gives an overview of these principles as they pertain to Generation C.


Digital manuals available at a discounted price

The CCDMD sells digital versions of its own manuals for half the price of the printed versions. Our manuals are useful for many courses and programs.

Here are a few of our 60 manuals (51 in French, 9 in English) that are available in digital format:

Nursing Lexicon: English-French

Prehospital Emergency Communication Guide: English-French

Sketches of the History of Science

Kits CCDMD new teachersKits for new teachers

At the start of each school year, the CCDMD offers a virtual kit for the network’s new teachers that provides an overview of its products and services:

  • Presentation of teaching resources by fields of study (PDF format)
  • Presentation of select useful products for all disciplines (hyperlinks)
  • Posters with teaching activities to improve French-language skills, in ready-to-print and shareable format (PDF format)