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Successful Launch at Champlain College Saint-Lambert

November 11, 2019

Justine Bell Justin Marleau Launch Sketches of the History of ScienceThe official launch of the textbook Sketches of the History of Science took place on November 8, 2019 at Champlain College Saint-Lambert. The authors, Justine Bell (biology teacher at Champlain College Saint-Lambert) and Justin Marleau (research associate at McGill University), enthusiastically presented their project to about 30 guests who came to the event.Justine Bell Justin Marleau Launch Sketches of the History of Science

Sketches of the History of Science is a graphic textbook with over 450 illustrations, written in a very accessible and popular style. It is principally aimed at college and university students who are taking a History of Science class. The book design helps students navigate the philosophical underpinnings of science, showing its roots in natural philosophy, and illuminating complex phenomena in early and modern biology, chemistry, and physics.

The authors about their original textbook: “We are scientists rather than historians. We therefore highlight the ‘doing’ of science, be it through experiments, the developJustine Bell Justin Marleau Launch Sketches of the History of Sciencement of methods or the making of science theory. We are trying to show how scientific concepts developed over time, through the interactions of a community of practitioners.”

The CCDMD congratulates the authors for their great accomplishment as well as all members of the production team under the supervision of Michel Hardy-Vallée, project manager at the CCDMD.

Finally, the CCDMD would like to thank Champlain College Saint-Lambert for hosting this successful event!



  1. Authors Justin Marleau and Justine Bell
  2. Guest in Champlain College Saint-Lambert bookstore
  3. Don Shewan, Constiuent College Director, Champlain College Saint-Lambert; Justin Marleau, author and research associate, McGill University; Justine Bell, author and biology teacher, Champlain College Saint-Lambert; Odette Côté, Director General, Champlain Regional College; and Michel Hardy-Vallée, project manager, CCDMD.