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New materials for Stratégies d’écriture dans la formation spécifique

September 17, 2012

Two new units for Stratégies d’écriture dans la formation spécifique are now available online: Le curriculum vitæ and La lettre professionnelle.

New versions of L'argumentaire de projet and Le rapport d'intervention have also been posted (document harmonization). The teachers’ zone (Zone profs) has also been expanded with new information. More additions are expected before Christmas: Le résumé (October) and Le rapport de stage (December).

This material consists of 10 free printable and downloadable units. Each one deals with a specific kind of text used in different disciplines and includes a definition, examples, writing strategies, editing grids and activities. The section called the “Zone profs,” which is shared by all the units, offers instructors a succinct description of the materials and a summary chart of the text types offered, with definitions, terminological variants and the programs in which they are used. This section also offers a few teaching recommendations.

Stratégies d'écriture