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New CCDMD publication for teaching French

December 20, 2012

Les manipulations syntaxiques : de précieux outils pour comprendre le fonctionnement de la langue et corriger un texte, by Suzanne-G. Chartrand, has been added to the CCDMD catalogue.

Designed for French teachers at every level of teaching and for instructors in French support services, this volume shows how working with syntax provides a unique means to improve and correct texts linguistically. For example, syntax can be used to:

  • Check agreements
  • Evaluate punctuation
  • Determine the category of a word in a sentence
  • Reveal the syntactic relationship between one phrase and another

A full professor in the faculty of educational science at the Université Laval and a renowned designer of French courses, Suzanne-G. Chartrand has been developing a reasoned approach to teaching grammar and writing for over 25 years.

Available in print and digital versions on the CCDMD website.

Les manipulations syntaxiques