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Foundations of Effective Tutoring : A New Resource!

October 9, 2009

John Abbott College, in collaboration with the CCDMD, developed a training program specifically designed to enhance peer tutoring in institutions accross the province and help them to flourish. The set of training materials (trainer guides, video clips, homework assignments, in-class activities, handouts) was created to teach prospective peer tutors the foundations of effective tutoring.

The tutoring approach proposed is based on "student-centered" learning, in which tutee ideas and questions form the basis for tutorial. Consequently, skill development for prospective tutors focuses on areas such as listening, asking effective questions, adapting to diverse learning styles and empowering the tutee to learn more independently.

Five modules, between two and three hours each, have been designed to help develop a solid set of competencies for students to effectively tutor their peers. Although the full five-module format is recommended, each module is designed to stand alone so as to allow the trainer to select the activities and materials that best meet particular training needs.
These materials are accessible to the public and available to any interested trainers and prospective tutors.

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