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On tour!

June 20, 2008

Since May 25, our tour of conferences and visits to colleges has been in full swing. In fact, the CCDMD has taken to the road to attend the symposium of the ACPQ, the AQPC and the Rascals so that we can meet with teachers. We have presented our new products for 2008–2009 to these teachers, answered their questions and discussed their needs.

And then we made the leap to the Cégeps at Thetford and Beauce-Appalaches to participate in their pedagogical days, which gave us yet another opportunity to inform teachers and college staff about the many resources offered by the CCDMD.

Thank you for welcoming us!

Valerie Paterson, who is in charge of English-language projects at the CCDMD, during the workshop she presented at the ACPQ symposium.


A workshop on NetSondage at the Thetford Cégep, led by Réjean Jobin, who is in charge of projects at the CCDMD.


A visit to the CCDMD stand during the AQPC symposium.


A visit to the wine bar during AQPC’s 28th symposium: Ryan Moon, from Cegep@distance, Véronica Gill and Nicholas Birks, who are in charge of projects at the CCDMD.