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Introduction to Geographic Information System (GIS)

September 12, 2008

Geographic Information System: Learning Modules for College Level is now available online at

The content of the website was developed by Jan Warnke, a geography instructor at CEGEP Champlain – St. Lawrence, in collaboration with Christine Boudreau, an educational technology consultant.

The website provides instructional materials for learning how to use GIS software to solve geographic problems at introductory and advanced levels. PDF learning modules, which present geographic problems and their solutions, are used in conjunction with a free educational software and data package that can be downloaded from the Internet. Illustrated step-by-step instructions and corresponding demonstration videos enable instructors and students to start using GIS at home, at school or anywhere a high-speed Internet connection is available.

The site is specifically designed for college-level students and instructors in Social Science programs in Québec, Canada, but is also suitable for the public at large. It is appropriate for all those who want to understand how GIS works.