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Open-source math homework system

Mathematical Association of America (MAA), Julie Tremblay, Marie-Claude Bonneau, Robert Hart
CCDMD, Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne, Heritage College

WeBWorK is an open-source online homework system that is used to create online questionnaires. This interactive platform gives access to problems covering all major mathematical concepts.

The material in the CCDMD English Problem Library was especially designed to use intermediate steps. WeBWorK focuses on solutions and lets students figure out which steps in the solution are incorrect. This way, students learn better and tend to use online resources less.

The exercises are corrected in real time, allowing individual support and immediate, reliable feedback to students as they work through the problems.

WeBWorK is based on open-source technology, and is made available free of charge to teachers and students of the Québec college network and other postsecondary education institutions. To make it easier for teachers to sign up for WeBWorK, and to simplify how they manage and share their courses, the CCDMD has developed a home interface called “Portail de Math” (in French only), which is available at


Discipline(s) : Mathematics 201
Program(s) : Interdisciplinary Resource
Publication : 2020


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