Website Directory for English-Language Improvement
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Website Directory for English-Language Improvement

6th Edition

Laura McGee and Meg Gillespie

This collection of more than 150 websites is for students learning and/or studying English as well as those who use English for academic purposes. The Directory includes useful websites for English, first language (ELIL) and for English as a second language (ESL) students. It is divided into sections and includes sites dedicated to improving academic skills, grammar and teaching. Most of the sites are of Canadian or Québec origin. Preference has been given to sites that are free and easy to use, and to those that possess demonstrable educational value. Information is easy to find, as each entry provides a description, icons and level of difficulty. The Directory can be downloaded from the website and printed copies can be ordered for teachers, support staff and students free of charge from the CCDMD. A web version is also available.


Discipline(s) : English (Language and Literature) 603, English (Second Language) 604
Publication : 2013
Number of pages : 104
ISBN : Print: 978-2-89470-316-8 / Digital: 978-2-89470-317-5


The print version of the Directory is free for members of the Québec college network. Please contact to place an order.

If you are not from the Québec college network and would like to purchase copies of the print version, click on "Add to cart" (on the left) to proceed with your order.

Click here to access the web version. A digital version is also available free of charge.

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