Vox Method: The Acting Process
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Vox Method: The Acting Process

2nd Edition

W. Steven Lecky
Dawson College

Vox Method: The Acting Process demystifies the craft of acting – making it more accessible, comprehensible and concrete. It is an exciting training program for actors that helps them become completely immersed in the techniques of acting, which provides them with a solid grounding in their craft.

Throughout the book and its accompanying videos, extensive and clearly defined acting terminology is developed that greatly facilitates discussion. This resource provides teachers with a wealth of information, technical tools and exercises devised to drill the student actor on specific skill sets. These skills marry technical execution with the actor’s investigations of thought, emotion, pace, movement, language, character and interaction.


Discipline(s) : Theatre 560, Professional Theatre 561
Publication : 2022
Number of pages : 399
ISBN : ISBN, print: 978-2-89470-423-3 | ISBN, digital: 978-2-89470-424-0


This second edition redesigns access to videos with links to a dedicated website, which replaces the DVD format.

First Edition : 2009 (ISBN, print : 978-2-89470-245-1)

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