Vox Method: The Acting Process
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Vox Method: The Acting Process

W. Steven Lecky
Dawson College

Vox Method: The Acting Process is a revolutionary and exciting training program for actors that never waivers from the belief that ultimate artistic liberty is dependent on a solid grounding in technique. Throughout the book and its accompanying DVD, extensive and clearly defined acting terminology is developed that greatly facilitates discussion. Vox Method: The Acting Process demystifies the craft of acting – making it more accessible, comprehensible and concrete.

Summary: The Large Structures of Thought – The Small Structures of Thought – Packaging Text – Inflection – The “Pull” – Performance Pace – Impulse – The Imprint – The Acting Plane – Stagecraft – Implicit Movement – Interactive Movement – Liberating the Instrument – Creating Character – Pushing the  Boundaries – Appendices


Discipline(s) : Theatre 560, Professional Theatre 561
Publication : 2009
Number of pages : 402
ISBN : 978-2-89470-245-1


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