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Resource for Writing Therapeutic Nursing Plans

40 Examples of Nursing Problems and Interventions

Ondina Galiano and Brenda Boucher with the collaboration of Lucie Giguère Kolment
Cégep Heritage College

This book provides tools to facilitate the task of writing problems, nursing interventions, and follow-up assessments, which can prove demanding and complex. It:

• groups problems by system,

• uses biological and pathophysiological knowledge to describe the problems, the nursing interventions, and the follow-up assessments,

• promotes cooperation between members of the care team to optimize their contribution to clinical follow-up, and

• offers a variety of interventions and follow-up assessments.


Discipline(s) : Nursing techniques 180
Program(s) : Nursing (180.A0)
Publication : 2021
Number of pages : 70
ISBN : 978-2-89470-377-9

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