Prehospital Emergency Communication Guide
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Prehospital Emergency Communication Guide


Pascale Caquez, Francine Lanoix, Gary R. McHugh
John Abbott College, Collège Ahuntsic

This phrasebook is a useful tool for students studying prehospital emergency care, but also for working paramedics and other health care personnel. It aims to help them in their exchanges with patients, and those who are close to them, in both English and French. It is divided into two main sections: a phrasebook and a lexicon.

The terms in this book are used in the medical field in both prehospital and hospital care, and were selected as a result of the stated need to improve the communication skills of emergency response personnel working in their second language.

The authors hope that this phrasebook will be useful to all Francophones and Anglophones who are required to speak a second language while practicing their profession.

Interactive exercises

  • A series of interactive exercises in French for anglophones, related to the Guide, is available on this page.



Discipline(s) : Auxiliary Nursing Technology 181
Program(s) : Prehospital Emergency Care 181.A0
Publication : 2018
Number of pages : 236
ISBN : Print Edition: 978-2-89470-387-8 / Electronic Edition: 978-2-89470-388-5


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