Online Tutoring System for Essay Writing (OTSEW)
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Online Tutoring System for Essay Writing (OTSEW)

Yu Miao and Denis Daigneault
Dawson College

This website helps college students improve their English-language sentence writing skills by providing an online resource for self-study and practice. Through the effective use of technology and interactive media, the site combines evaluation, reference and learning activities in a unique package that students may use alone or in tandem with tutoring offered at their college. The OTSEW approach to learning English encompasses three core elements: meaning, form and use. By illustrating how components of English sentences are influenced by each of these elements, OTSEW simplifies language learning and essay writing. Dynamic learning strategies are used to analyze complex information using different yet complementary perspectives. Each unit focuses on a single theme that presents written explanations of key concepts along with colourful animations. Pre-tests, practice activities and quizzes evaluate students’ abilities and progress. A basic grammar tool kit, glossary and printable PDFs round out the reference.


Discipline(s) : English (Language and Literature) 603, English (Second Language) 604
Specifications : Internet
Publication : 2008

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