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Netquiz Web

Formative version


* Please note that the most recent version of Netquiz is available here: Netquiz Web+ *

Netquiz Web is a multilingual, multi-platform, multi-user Web application software that can be used to easily create exercises, formative games, quizzes and formative tests, and publish them online with a simple click. With Netquiz Web, you can create 14 different types of questions (matching, multiple choice, classification, grid, essay, dictation, labelling, ordering, short answer, multiple answer, fill-in-the-blank, true or false, zone identification and page) and parameterize and customize them to suit your needs and add indexes clues, images, texts, sounds and video clips. You can also add a glossary, so that words and expressions appear highlighted in the quiz, allowing respondents to obtain their definitions in the form of text, image, video, sound or links.

Members of the Québec college network

If you are a member of the Québec college network, you can apply for a free account at

Users outside the Québec college network

Users who are not members of the Québec college network can download the Netquiz Web software and install it on their own server or on their institution’s server. To find out more, please see “Installing Netquiz Web on a server.

Terms of Use

Netquiz Web is an open-source software. You can contribute to the development of this software by going to the website Github. For more information, contact us at

Math equations

The “Classique_Mathématiques” theme integrates MathJax ( MathJax can be used to add mathematical equations to Netquiz Web questionnaires.

Download the “Classique_Math” theme.

Download the installation instructions for the theme.

French version

Netquiz Web


Discipline(s) : 000 - Interdisciplinary resources
Specifications : Internet
Publication : 2014


To see an example created with Netquiz Web: Cinequiz.

Additional documents

Product Summary (870 ko)
Sample quiz to download (6.1 Mo)


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I actually have 2 questions: 1) When do you plan to have the summative testing available on the Web version? We give our Library orientation class using a self paced online 'quiz/questionnaire'. This quiz is for marks, so we would like to be able to obtain the students' grades and pass them on to the teachers. 2) Is there a limit to the number of students that can take a summative quiz (when you implement it)? We have classes of 25-40 students and over 30 sections each semester
2013-11-20 14:22

we do not know as of yet when we will have a summative version ready. It might take 6 months, or one year to program the software. We’re presently trying to get the funding for it.

As for the number of students doing a quiz or questionnaire, it’s unlimited.

Dear Sirs, I am an assistant Professor at the School of French of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. I am proposing your software to my students as the best available tool for a few years now, and I would like to ask, if the web version of the NetQuiz Pro 4 will be available to the public (free or with charge) and when. Given the opportunity, I would also like to ask if this version will support Greek characters. Thank you in advance, Best regards, Panos Panagiotidis
2013-12-04 06:21

Netquiz Web sera disponible pour le public très bientôt et sera gratuit.

Pour les caractères grecs, il sera possible de les afficher à beaucoup d’endroits.