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Netquiz Pro 4

Formative version 4.96

Christine Blais, Lucie Trépanier and Robert Szczech

Netquiz Pro 4 makes it possible to design exercises, games or formative tests and post them online. It does not require any programming knowledge. Images, tests, sounds and video sequences can be included in every type of question and many different parameters can be customized.

Unlike Netquiz Pro 2.9, this version can only be used to create formative tests, but it has two new types of questions (labelling and classification), new parameters for the short answer and fill-in-the-blank questions, pages with sections for subdividing the test, global customization for all questions in a test and a new Web test interface. It also no longer requires the use of Flash.

Users who want to create summative tests or collate results on a server can download Netquiz Pro 2.9 for free.

Note: Netquiz Pro 4 has been replaced by Netquiz Web, which not only produces formative tests but also publishes them to the Web with a simple click. Members of the CEGEP network can sign up for an account at

People who have created question banks and tests using Netquiz Pro will be pleased to learn that a function on the Netquiz Pro 4 (v. 4.95) “File” menu can be used to export .npro files to XML format for reimport into Netquiz Web.

As for Netquiz Pro 4 version 4.96, it corrects the web export of images with accented characters in their names. 

French version also available: Netquiz Pro 4


Discipline(s) : 000 - Interdisciplinary resources
Platform(s) : MacOS, Windows
Publication : 2010


Mac OS:

Please note that the current version of this software does not work with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later.

Windows OS:

Please note that the current version of this software may not work with Windows 8 or later.

Furthermore, QuickTime Player installation is mandatory for this software to work. However, in 2016, a computer flaw was apparently discovered in the QuickTime Player version for Windows. For more information:

To see an example created with Netquiz Pro 4: Cinequiz

Additional documents

Help (8.0 Mo)
Product Summary (704 ko)


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Hello Netquiz.... pourriez-vous me dire pourquoi lorsque je télécharge NetquizPro sur Mac (maverick), que ce soit avec Safari ou Firefox, le message : Impossible d'ouvrir l'application "%@" car elle est peut-être endommagée ou incomplète, s'affiche. Merci de votre aide.
2014-09-20 04:35

Netquiz Pro 4 ne fonctionne par sous Maverick.  Ce logiciel ne fonctionne que sous 10.6 et -.

Netquiz Web est la version qui remplace Netquiz Pro 4.