McGill Model
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McGill Model

Strengths-based nursing care: a collaborative approach

Authors: Danièle Paquette-Desjardins, Johanne Sauvé, Catherine Pugnaire Gros
Translator: Catherine Browne

How do you establish a trusting, collaborative relationship with a person and family? How do you discover their strengths and accompany them as their health situation evolves? McGill Model: Strengths-based nursing care: a collaborative approach reviews every stage of the nursing process, focusing on the central role of the person and family — whose responsibility for their own health is fully acknowledged — and the nurse’s role in accompanying them throughout the process. The book combines theoretical explanations with learning activities that show how the McGill Model shapes the nurse’s role in concrete terms. Tables and checklists summarize the material, while self-evaluation tools encourage both novice and experienced nurses to look at their practice from the point of view of the McGill Model.


Discipline(s) : Nursing techniques 180
Program(s) : Nursing (180.A0)
Publication : 2019
Number of pages : 194
ISBN : Print Edition: 978-2-89470-395-3; Electronic Edition: 978-2-89470-396-0


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