Archive – A Journey Through Western History
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A Journey Through Western History

Chronos Archive

Emmanuelle Simony, Michael Duckett
Dawson College

A Journey Through Western History is an archive created to introduce the English-language versions of CHRONOS and CHRONOS-EDIT to students and teachers. A complement to college-level Western Civilization history courses, it provides information on many of the major political and religious movements of the 15th to 20th centuries that shaped the Western world, including portraits of some of the major players. The archive is illustrated with historical works of art and supported by citations from source documents. You will also discover audio media, chronology charts, and historical maps designed to enhance your experience of the topics presented. Educators can use A Journey Through Western History as a starting point to build their own archives using CHRONOS-EDIT.


Discipline(s) : 300 - Social Sciences and Technologies, History 330
Specifications : MacOS, Windows
Publication : 2013


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