English-French Guide to Human Services Terminology
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English-French Guide to Human Services Terminology

Denise Brend
Dawson College

Working in the Human Services field in the province of Québec exposes students and professionals to a unique context. A particular challenge emerges with the responsibility of providing comprehensive education and practice in a multilingual environment. This project fulfills a need that has not been adequately addressed through existing resources in that it attempts to provide an extensive source for Human Services terms and vocabulary in English and French. The lack of such a resource has been keenly felt over the years and has resulted in a myriad of difficulties, both in the field and in the classroom. Students who cannot translate their interventions in theory and practice cannot excel academically or meet the professional requirements for client care. This resource will promote their ability to communicate in a culturally appropriate manner.


Discipline(s) : Social work 388
Publication : 2009
Number of pages : 590
ISBN : 978-2-89470-242-0


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