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College English Prep Online

Tracie Gemmell and Kim Muncey
Vanier College

This website is a supplement to the Preparation for College English course. It is designed to help students improve their English-language essay writing skills by providing an online resource for self-study and practice. Through interactive activities, CEPO presents a structured approach to understanding literature and writing literary analysis while practising language skills. Students participate in listening and speaking activities that address vocabulary and comprehension in each text. Eco, an innovative tool designed by the CCDMD, allows students to record their own voices and compare their performance to standard pronunciation of words and phrases. Reading and writing skills are reinforced using both a traditional approach and technology that teaches students how to build effective introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions for literary essays. Finally, students follow a template to develop a cohesive paragraph, and can print it out and share it with their college English teacher for evaluation.


Discipline(s) : English (Language and Literature) 603, English (Second Language) 604
Specifications : Internet
Publication : 2009

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