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Read along with your ears


Cantare is an application that allows users to synch lyrics or captions with audio files. This tool is intended for teachers who wish to create language-learning activities by having students listen to music, or other types of audio files, with captions that appear onscreen.

Teachers can easily collect several audio files, develop glossary entries, and add companion materials based on the same theme, in the Playlist Section. They can then publish and share this material with students by providing them with hyperlinks.

This third version of Cantare offers a renewed visual look. The interface is more user-friendly and now adapts to all types of devices. In addition, it is no longer necessary to download the tool to one’s workstation or find a site to host it. One just needs to create an account directly on the site.


Discipline(s) : English (Second Language) 604, Spanish 607, French (Second Language) 602
Publication : 2020

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