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Bringing QM to Life

Problem-based learning for Quantitative Methods

Vicki Beaupré-Odorico, Catherine Humes
John Abbott College

Bringing QM to Life aims to actively engage social science students in their own learning process with a multidisciplinary, problem-based approach to research methods using quantitative data.

The website offers activities with real-life scientific scenarios and various accessible, customizable levels of complexity that can be done individually or in teams, in or out of the classroom, and over single or multiple sessions. The activities can form the basis of formative or summative assessments. 

For each problem, the Student Guide indicates the requirements and necessary steps, and the password-protected Teacher Guide gives sample answers and possible adaptations. A data set spreadsheet with a few problems is also included.


Discipline(s) : 300 - Social Sciences and Technologies
Program(s) : Social Science (300.A0)
Publication : 2020


Technological update of the website: 2023

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