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Group Training Essentials

Monique Messier and Claudine Portelance
Cégep régional de Lanaudière à L’Assomption

This website is designed to teach the principal movements used in group courses for disciplines such as aerobics, step and aerobox. It contains a database showing more than 160 movements. The movement cards give the related discipline, the name of the movement in English and French, a description or animation demonstrating the sequence of the steps, a video sequence, the level of intensity of the movement, its duration and options for adapting the intensity or complexity.

The students can select a series of movements and arrange them in order to create their own choreography. They can then print them, see the breakdown of each step and have their peers repeat them. The site also provides theoretical concepts for the breakdown of the movements. Nine choreographies with comments and a complete breakdown can be viewed, which can help students create their own choreographies.

This new version of the site includes three complete choreography demonstration videos between 30 and 40 minutes long and a 10-minute warm-up video. All of the videos are presented and commented on by the teachers.

French version also available: Aérobix


Discipline(s) : Physical Education 109
Specifications : Internet
Publication : 2013

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