1000 Images on the Tip of my Tongue
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1000 Images on the Tip of my Tongue

Trilingual index of expressions with equivalent meanings
Version 2.0

Raymonde Lamothe and René Gingras
Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup

1000 Images on the Tip of my Tongue is an interactive site focusing on idiomatic expressions that have the same meaning in English, French and Spanish, but cannot be translated word for word. This trilingual directory provides more than 3000 idiomatic expressions classified according to themes. Each expression is inserted into a short text that illustrates its meaning and contains a corresponding digital audio file. Listening to the file allows users to fully understand all the various aspects of pronunciation. The site also includes exercises and games, as well as brief, humorous animations that contribute to  the discovery of the fascinating world of colourful expressions. This instructional material has been designed not only for English, French and Spanish second language courses but also for translation courses taught throughout Québec colleges.

French version also available: 1000 images sur le bout de la langue


Discipline(s) : English (Second Language) 604, French (Second Language) 602
Specifications : Internet
Publication : 2009

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