Students planning to audition for theatre schools, amateurs contemplating try-outs for a local production, young actors preparing for their first few auditions in the professional theatre: all of these people agonize over a similar dilemma. Sometime before the audition, they receive notification that they must prepare "two contrasting pieces: one modern and one classical."

This website was conceived and prepared for the use of both the acting student and the novice professional actor, faced with the daunting task of preparing and presenting an audition piece from the works of William Shakespeare. It is a companion to the classroom manual ...and One Classical: A Shakespeare Audition Handbook, which presents over 150 quality audition pieces with annotations.

While the primary purpose of the book is to assist students in finding and preparing a monologue, the website addresses common challenges associated with the audition process itself. Short videos featuring student actors present both successful and not-so-successful methods, and address issues that should be anticipated by the performer in an audition context. Moreover, the technique of Scansion is demonstrated in detail through the use of multimedia.

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