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The verb to revise literally means to view again or to take a second look.

Although you may be working to a deadline, it is always helpful to leave some time between writing your rough draft and revising it. This allows you to read your own work with fresh eyes and see things you may not have noticed before. Revising involves looking at:

The Big Picture

(Structure and Style)

The Comprehensive Essay Checklist

The Small Details

(Spelling and Grammar)

The Essential Proofreading Checklist

Now availableInteractive Revision Companion

Click to open the Interactive Revision CompanionThe Revision Companion is an interactive multimedia tool for learning revision skills and improving your writing. The tool combines theory with animations, illustrations, hints, and mnemonics to explain common concerns that should be addressed when revising your work.

The Revision Companion is designed to be used in conjunction with the Revision Checklists listed above. Download the Checklists (by clicking on the PDF links) and use them to guide you as you review your writing. If you have a question about an item on the Checklists, open the Revision Companion by clicking on its logo or title. Look up the information you need, read the rule, view the animated examples, and practise with various interactive exercises.

Words and Sentences modules are available now; an Essay Writing module will be available shortly.

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