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English Exit Exam Preparation

Writing is a complex skill that takes years to develop. CEGEP is a great opportunity for you to learn effective reading and writing techniques. In this section, the focus is on improving your literary analysis and writing skills, with the primary goal of helping you to succeed on the English Exit Exam.

What you will need to do during the exam

During the four-hour English Exit Exam, you will be given a choice of three readings, including short stories and essays written by authors. Choose one on which you will write your 750-word exam essay. You can bring English and bilingual dictionaries to the exam.

To write a 750-word essay in four hours

  • Skim all three texts.
  • Choose one text that you can respond to most effectively.
  • Read text carefully, take notes, underline, and highlight key text.
    • Pay attention to the issues it raises, the main ideas, key events, significant details, techniques, and devices used by the author and references that relate to your understanding of main ideas.
  • Write, edit and proofread.
    • Organize and draft an essay.
    • Revise and edit.
    • Proofread for mistakes.
    • Write final copy (into the exam booklet).

Who is required to write and pass the examination?

Since January 1, 1998, all students enrolled in a program leading to a Diploma of College Studies (DEC) under the College Education Regulations (CER) must pass the examination in order to earn their diploma.

What condition must students meet to be admitted to the Ministerial Examination?

Students must have passed two of the three courses (603-101, 603-102 and 603-103) AND be in the process of completing the third (603-102 or 603-103) when they register for the examination. Students who do not fit this profile may, however, be admitted to the examination following an evaluation of their student record by the college.

In this section, you will find:

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