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W5 (CTV)

This is useful site for listening comprehension, where students can view video material of reports on current events produced by CTV’s W5 program. Subject areas include:

  • Canadian news
  • international news
  • business
  • science and technology
  • health
  • politics

Walrus Magazine

Keep on the cutting-edge of Canadian literature and current events with this well-respected literary magazine. It features:

  • diversity of reading material to improve comprehension and vocabulary
  • creative short stories, essays, and blogs
  • archive of past and current issues, articles, blogs, videos, and audio podcasts
  • opportunities to share comments and read others’

Watch CBC Video

Another good CBC resource for listening comprehension is this video site, where you can view select television show episodes, pre-recorded and live news, and sports. The format varies, so both students and teachers will find videos of different lengths and a wide-ranging spectrum of topics that can be used in the classroom, for presentations, or for personal study.

Webgrammar (Judy Vorfeld)

This site has extensive information on grammar, and writing, with web publishing tips and numerous links to sites for:

  • writing help
  • references
  • building a website
  • education resources

What If? Canada’s Creative Teen Magazine

This new website for an award winning Canadian teen writing magazine is a staple for the creative writing classroom. Submit your work and see it published online. Categories include poetry, fiction, non-fiction, interviews, and videos. Join the forums and chat with other students or educators about creative writing. This vibrant site invites the contributions of its readers.

Word Central (Merriam-Webster)

Distinctly presented for younger audiences, this honed selection of English learning activities may be of use to beginners of all ages. It includes:

  • a Daily Buzzword that introduces new vocabulary
  • Build Your Own Dictionary that encourages users to add words they have invented
  • games like Robo-Bee (complete the sentences), BIGbot (choose synonyms), Jumble Kids (unscramble the letters given to form a word), and Alpha-bot (listen and spell)


Essentially a fun online toy that generates word clouds from text, it offers a unique opportunity for students to appreciate and analyse language, word use, and technology. How it works:

  • Students or teachers input text and the resulting word cloud can be tweaked with different fonts, layouts, and colour schemes
  • The largest words in the image are those that appear more frequently or are read as having more importance in the text, while less significant words (such as contractions) almost disappear

World Wide Words

This site delves into the amazing trivia of the English language. It features:

  • articles on the origins of popular expressions
  • new or strange words that may not be in dictionaries

Writing It Right

A superb little resource to help with some of the stickiest questions related to writing, this site puts its finger on just about every troublesome error that can sneak into writing. It offers :

– a Spelling Checklist that singles out often confused and misspelled words

– information on run-on sentences, connecting words, and alternate word choices

– a No-No list of words and sentence starters

Writing Thesis Statements: A Guided-Writing Exercise Based on a Short Story

This interactive flipbook is a 45-minute activity with 25 pages of theory and varied exercises. It is a great resource for students to use while preparing for the English Exit Exam or other exams involving essay writing. It includes:

  • explanations of concepts like the main idea and thesis statements
  • opportunities to build thesis statements and develop thesis paragraphs
  • analysis of acceptable and non-acceptable thesis statements
  • excellent examples
  • exercises for student practice
  • answer key with clear, detailed explanations

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