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TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design)

TED started as a series of conferences on innovation. Devoted to the concept of “ideas worth spreading,” this site offers a wonderful selection of 18-minute talks by some of the world’s most remarkable people. It features:

  • subjects such as technology, business, entertainment, design, science, and global issues
  • good starting points for a project or discussion
  • quality content with intellectual takes on subjects

TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links (The Internet TESL Journal)

This first-rate assortment of ESL and EFL links is well-organized, simple to use and helpful for both teachers and students. An ideal place to launch web searches for sites specializing in English-language education, it features:
  • a selection of quality sites with minimal advertising and clutter
  • a strong selection of links to advanced grammar explanations

Talisman Theatre

Established in 2006 in Montréal, the Talisman Theatre presents less commercial English-language plays. Its mission is to:

  • premiere Québecois works to non-francophone audiences
  • engage theatregoers with contemporary Québecois theatre and playwrights


A collaboration of journalists from different countries provides articles from places around the world where English is spoken. The site features:

  • audio tracks that can be read along with
  • exercises covering vocabulary, expressions, grammar, and comprehension

NOTE: French interface allows easy access for lower level students.

Teach This

This site has links to fun ESL activities (often in PDF format) designed to reinforce various grammar points. It is updated regularly and includes:

– resources

– games

– ideas

– grammar

– critical thinking


This is a great concept, obviously inspired by YouTube, and already a showcase for all kinds of interesting content. It’s a very mixed bag, however; teachers will need to sift through many items of little pedagogical value, while students may turn it off if they stumble across some of the less informative or entertaining offerings. Take your time searching around this site and trying things out. There are plenty of fun, catchy videos, often with helpful tools, particularly in the mnemonics genre (visual, audio, and memory tricks for learning basic or difficult skills.)

Teaching Degree: 100 Helpful Websites for New Teachers

An excellent one-stop resource for finding the best teaching tools on the web, this site provides useful links for teachers of any grade level or subject. If offers:

  • links that are divided into categories, including: Sites Just for New Teachers, Sites for All Teachers, Inspirational Sites, Technology in the Classroom, Blogging in the Classroom, Using Twitter in the Classroom, Educators Who Blog, Social Networks and Forums, Video Sites, and Freebies

The Academic Success Centre (John Abbott College)

John Abbott College provides students with many resources to help them be successful in their college studies, including:

  • peer tutoring information
  • academic tutoring (Read/Write Lab)
  • study skills and workshops
  • English Exit Exam and workshops
  • tip sheets and handouts
  • help for students with learning and physical disabilities

The Paper Boy

There are over 6000 free online newspapers available on this site. Students of English can research topics and use articles to improve reading skills. Newspapers are searchable by:
  • country
  • title
  • Top 100 US titles
  • Top UK titles

Topics Online Magazine for Learners of English

Exchange experiences, meet people from all over the globe, and discuss issues particular to learning a new language and living in a new culture, by participating in this international e-zine. It features:

  • a Language Corner Section with topics such as vocabulary, idioms and expressions, and grammar
  • opportunities for sharing where users are encouraged to submit writing based on the topics discussed
  • online projects, book and movie reviews, and a travel section, written by ESL students

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