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Language Sites on the Internet

This is a helpful site for anyone who has an appetite for language. It features:

Language and Reading Companion

This website provides ESL students with narrated college level texts, so they can follow along and improve both their comprehension and pronunciation. It includes:

  • useful field-specific English lessons (humanities, etc.)
  • vocabulary exercises
  • comprehension questions in NetQuiz

Learning Centre (Library and Archives Canada)

This website needs no introduction, for everything you need to know is clearly stated on the homepage. The visual design is quite a bit more contemporary and colourful than the usual archives fare, but the site is still just as rich in Canadian history and educational resources. There is something for absolutely every student and teacher.

Learning English Online

This site based in Germany provides a wide selection of printable handouts for testing grammar and vocabulary. It features:

  • answers provided on separate sheets
  • good selection of quick online vocabulary games
  • useful links for teachers and literature

Learning Toolbox

Designed for teachers, students, and parents and commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education, this site aims to help students with mild learning disabilities meet the rigorous requirements of high school and college. It features:

  • areas of concentration like Math, Organization, Study Skills, Test Taking Skills, Note Taking, Reading, Writing, and Advanced Thinking
  • pedagogically sound simple techniques, visual games, and mnemonics
  • tools and techniques to help learners feel more at ease with study processes and improve attitudes toward learning

Library Spot: Dictionaries

This site is what its name suggests – a starting point for finding reference tools. The StartSpot Network also provides links to many other topic areas via a menu at the top of the homepage. The site features:

  • excellent resource for reference tools, library information, and reading material
  • links to many other topic areas

Library and Archives Canada (Main site)

This locus of Canada's documentary heritage is quite simply a stroke of brilliance on the part of the government’s education authorities. In these collections of archival records, publications, audiovisual materials, art, photography, and websites, students and citizens can consult a wonderful variety of documents that describe Canadian culture and inspire learning. The quality of writing is always top-notch and many sites are accompanied by educational resources in accessible formats. A few of the best are listed here for beginning, intermediate, and advanced readers.

A huge repository where you can explore all kinds of historical documents as well as special collections, including Canadian Genealogy, Multicultural Resources, Aboriginal Resources, a Portrait Gallery, and a Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online. There are many sub-links within this site, so to avoid missing anything, keep returning to the homepage. There you can access featured exhibitions and browse selected topics.

Linguarama (Marcus Evans)

This is the official site of a major language school in Britain. It features many practical grammar exercises and explanations, including:

  • useful business English expressions and vocabulary
  • various topics in finance, marketing, and sales
  • help with reading, grammar, and polite English

Listen to CBC Radio

For the definitive Canadian cultural experience, CBC is tops. Hear outstanding spoken English and improve your listening comprehension and vocabulary with various radio channels (live streaming news, talk shows, and music with commentary). 

Listening Companion

This collection of over 200 copyright-free video segments with complementary exercises allows students to become better acquainted with a diverse range of Anglophone speakers. It features:

  • practical everyday language
  • vocabulary exercises
  • comprehension questions in Netquiz
  • transcripts of all video content The Online Literature Library

A collection of literary classics available in the public domain and listed by author, the site features:

  • easy onscreen reading
  • texts that may be copied or printed


This site is an online dictionary with over 250,000 entries. It features:

  • free browser installation
  • thesaurus
  • spell-check that recognizes phonetic spellings
  • six-language translation dictionary

Louvre Museum

The Louvre website has a lot to offer students learning English. An interactive site, it includes virtual tours with descriptions of artworks. It also features:

  • an opportunity to create a personal space with an album of favourite artworks
  • content organized according to theme and by exhibition

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