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ESL Blues

Developed by Eifion Pritchard, an English teacher at Collège Édouard-Montpetit in Longueuil, Québec, this site is packed with helpful resources for ESL and other learners. Many of the activities focus on the Montréal area events and situations and include:

  • content arranged by topic (parts of speech, verb tenses, etc.) and type (grammar tutorials, etc.)
  • multiple ways to search for information (general and specific)
  • various levels of pre-tests are offered and errors lead students to other quizzes, exercises, and specific sections of the site that may find helpful

ESL Desk

This site for ESL learners has explanations and exercises related to grammar, reading, and vocabluary. Of particular interest is the ESL reader, which allows learners to paste a text into the tool, and the tool provides references for each word. This allows readers to develop their comprehension.

  • grammar
  • reading comprehension tool (online)
  • spelling
  • vocabulary

ESL Gold

This ESL study and learning materials site is very complete. You will find many ESL activities here for both students and teachers, some of which include:

  • conversation ideas
  • words in the news
  • reading exercises
  • grammar explanations

ESL Partyland

This site offers ESL teaching and learning materials ideas, using music, film, and video to help practise conversation, grammar, listening, and speaking skills. It features:

  • clear division of teaching and learning sections
  • English lessons, quizzes, and games
  • lesson plans, teaching strategies, and resources

ESL Reading: English language learning materials for students & teachers

This British site offers various categories such as true stories, ghost stories, comedy, and animals to improve ESL reading. It includes:

  • short readings with one question at the end to check comprehension
  • a listening section with narrated slide shows songs, videos, poems, and podcasts The English Learner Movie Guides

Don’t expect to find free movies on this site – just a multitude of guides that provide:

  • easy accessibility – guides are listed by movie title
  • plot summaries of popular films
  • character lists
  • glossaries
  • brief discussions of cultural references

ESOL Courses

For beginner to advanced students, this UK site offers a wide variety of activities for grammar and vocabulary improvement. It includes:

  • opportunities to listen to songs and fill in the gaps
  • interactive games like crosswords, picture matching, and word search
  • exercises for all skills and levels, well-organized into sections

Early Canadiana Online

Produced by, this evolving digital library includes seven online collections representing over three million pages of early Canadian texts. From this site, it is possible to access:

  • Early Canadiana Online (online collection of print heritage)
  • Canadiana Discovery Portal (a Canadiana-specific search engine)
  • Publications (regular newsletters pertaining to

Edu (Youtube)

This site is a great option for teachers in need of free video content. It features:

  • short, topical, current events stories for discussions with students or starting points for projects
  • opportunities for students to create their own videos to be uploaded and rated by fellow students
  • search function by education levels

English Central

This site allows users to watch video clips while a script scrolls underneath, with a facility to click on words for pronunciation and a definition. Students can hook up a microphone and record their own voices reading the script along with the video. The site offers:

  • current themes and topics
  • excellent pronunciation practice

English Club

Originating in Cambridge, England, the site uses the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English as a reference, but includes pages from Canadian and American English sources, and points out the differences where applicable. Students can create a personal webpage and find other schools and pen pals. It includes:

  • access to English grammar
  • discussions with other users
  • games and quizzes
  • vocabulary and pronunciation practice 

English Exit Exam (Ministerial Examination of College English Language of Instruction)

Everything you ever wanted to know about Québec’s English Exit Exam (EEE) for CEGEP students, but never dared to ask! It includes:

  • a general introduction to the exam
  • an explanation of the criteria for passing it
  • the exam schedule
  • links to past exam questions
  • an FAQ document: All You Need to Know: A-Z
  • the Marking Guide with sample student essays and marking explanations

English Exit Exam Preparation for English CEGEPS (Québec college level)

This resource provides readings, as well as readings with exercises in PDF format that help students prepare for the Québec College English Exit Exam. The exercises cover content from the following categories used to grade the exam:

  • comprehension and insight,
  • organization of response
  • expression

English Language Improvement

This site has links to tests and exercises on the four skills. Some types include:

  • videos
  • free lessons
  • tips on speaking English fluently


English Lessons and Tests

With a nice conversational tone and a sense of humour, this site provides many simple and effective lessons and tests. Types of activities include:

  • grammar
  • reading comprehension
  • vocabulary

English Now: An Online Tutorial (Vanier College)

This site offers great material to help you learn how and when to use each of the English verb tenses. Concepts are presented through textx or stories written by Vanier students. The themes are intercultural, and many focus on currents events in and around Montreal. The tutorial features:

  • carefully sequenced exercises
  • reading comprehension practice
  • vocabulary
  • listening skills

English Online (Université de Franche-Comté)

This site presents activities for all levels divided by skill, with sections covering:

  • listening
  • grammar
  • pronunciation
  • academic reading and writing
  • links to other resources

English Page

This excellent ESL site has both explanations and online grammar exercises which would be of use to all levels. In addition, there are links to reading and listening sources as well as online games. This site is both practical and fun.

  • grammar tutorials
  • online exercises
  • student forums
  • ESL games 

English Pronunciation/Listening

Check out this site for some of the best free pronunciation material available. There are 13 units to help second-language learners improve their pronunciation and listening skills. It includes:

  • a focus on a different target sound in each unit
  • video demonstrations that show clearly how to pronounce target sounds
  • practice exercises to accompany explanations

English as a Second Language

This site offers complete support for ESL students, with its own material, as well as links to other useful resources. Interesting features include:

  • Pronouncing Dictionary of the Most Common Proper Nouns
  • ESL Online Talk Community
  • Ron’s ESL Blogs
  • Ask an Expert Teacher feature
  • 100 Short Stories for ESL Learners allows students to listen to a text as it is read aloud, with accompanying grammar, comprehension, and dictation exercises

This site lists easily accessible online tests pertaining to various English grammar topics, special themes, and TOEFL-style exam preparation organized into levels of difficulty. Some of the language areas covered include:

  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • business English
  • common errors
  • idioms

This site helps test ESL skills and determine students’ levels. Placement tests for general ESL are available as well as practice tests for the TOEFL and the TOIEC. Teachers will find this site useful as a grammar review because many different grammar points are evaluated and the quizzes are easy to find. It also includes:

  • business English
  • games and activities
  • grammar quizzes
  • idioms
  • songs (music and lyrics)
  • synonym practice
  • vocabulary

Evaluating Internet Sources (University of British Columbia)

This site shows how to evaluate Internet sources before using them in a research paper, including:

  • types of sources
  • types of materials
  • Internet sources

Exam English

This is a great resource for those preparing for an English language exam, such as TOEFL, IELTS, and the Cambridge University exams. It includes:

  • major tests described in detail
  • free online English tests for practice
  • possibility of purchasing learning materials


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