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CAPS (Concordia University)

The Concordia Career and Placement Centre aims to educate students about the job market and career options. The site:

  • provides coaching through the job search process
  • facilitates access to relevant summer, part-time, internship, and entry-level positions
  • links to a variety of places for updating language skills in Montréal

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

One of the nation’s major cultural institutions, the CBC has documented the news and Canadian history since the 1930s. Via its website, learners access a wide variety of information relevant to all facets of Canadian culture, such as news, sports, and entertainment. Don’t forget to scroll down to access CBC features, radio, and television. Local, regional, and top news stories are here, as well CBC resources, such as books and digital archives.

  • documentaries
  • CBC Player (for videos)
  • CBC shop

CBC Digital Archives

A vast collection of free radio and television clips to help improve listening and comprehension skills. Access audio and video by entering search terms or browsing categories like Economy & Business, Arts & Entertainment, Environment, Health, Lifestyle, Politics, Science & Technology, Society, Sports, and War & Conflict. The site also features:

  • current and past events via sections like On This Day, Great Interviews, and Guess Who
  • educational materials organized by level (intended for Grades 6–12, but also useful for adult beginning- and intermediate-English learners)

CBC Radio

Improve listening comprehension and vocabulary with CBC Radio One, where programs are listed by city (news and talk shows) or access CBC Radio Two (music with commentary) from the bottom of the page. The spoken English is clear and of excellent quality. The site features:

  • regularly updated content
  • varied subjects
  • current events
  • lists of other CBC Radio sites arranged by topic

CBC Video

Yet another fantastic CBC resource to practise comprehension skills is this video site, where you can view television shows, news, and sports.

  • Watch popular television shows such as Dragon’s Den, Market Place, The Fifth Estate, and The National
  • CBC Radio can also be accessed through this site

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

A free online dictionary from the reputable Cambridge University Press. Resources include:

  • dictionaries (with American and British spellings)
  • thesaurus
  • visual thesaurus, offering word maps to stimulate vocabulary acquisition
  • excellent blog About Words
  • pronunciation dictionary

Campus Access

International and ESL students can practise English skills on this site while researching a college career in Canada. This complete resource guide for the Canadian student offers information on the following areas:

  • exam prep tips
  • internships
  • education
  • careers
  • financial aid
  • student life

Canada in the Making

Through this site, Canadian history is portrayed in the words of its people by combining original narrative texts with primary historical documents. Lesson plans are also available in many subject areas. Explore the history of:

  • Canada’s Aboriginal peoples
  • Canada’s constitution
  • pioneers
  • immigrants

Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers

Information and resources for second language teachers, including:

  • newsletters
  • conferences
  • teaching materials
  • reports on teaching methods
  • support for new teachers


Canadian Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia is the most comprehensive, objective, and accurate source of information on Canada. Use the site to research any of the 8 million words and 20 000 articles on Canadiana. In the Explore section, find exciting activities such as: 

  • gallery (thematic search engine)
  • quote or fact of the day
  • Canucklehead quiz
  • games and animations
  • a searchable historical timeline


Centaur Theatre Company

Montréal’s premier English-language theatre, Centaur Theatre Company, is located in Old Montréal and presents both classic and contemporary plays. The theatre:

  • offers students a special rate to attend world-class productions
  • is acknowledged as a leader in presenting translated French-language plays from Québec

Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks

The CCLB develops national standards for the development of benchmarks and promotes programs to assist immigrants in attaining these standards. For professionals, the site provides information on:

  • language benchmark definitions and specifications
  • language proficiency
  • approved CLB tests
  • specific placement exams
  • workplace assessment and assessment centres


Churchill House School of English Language

Packed with clear and easy to follow activities for beginner to advanced students, this British site is a good place to go for grammar help. It includes:

  • online placement tests
  • exam guides
  • grammar exercises
  • reading activities
  • useful discussions on its forum

Collaborize Classroom

This site provides a user-friendly discussion and learning platform for students in any discipline. Easy to set up and visually attractive, it offers opportunities to:

  • create interactive content including polls, forums, and quizzes
  • engage students in debates and discussions
  • invent questions while embedding video, artwork, or articles

College English Prep Online (CEPO)

Although used in English CEGEPS as a supplement to the Preparation for College English course, this site is also helpful for Intermediate-Advanced ESL students. Designed to help students improve essay-writing skills and build self-study using literature, it facilitates students’ ability to:

  • listen to and read literary selections
  • learn and practise how to identify and analyze literary texts
  • record answers to exercises and verify pronunciation using ECO (CCDMD-developed software)
  • develop effective writing techniques


Common Craft

Offering clear and simple explanations of web technology and money management, this site uses short videos and cartoon cut-outs to teach basic concepts, with clear concepts offered in "plain" English. Topics include:

  • social media
  • podcasting
  • cloud concepts 

Crisscross Words 3.3

Crisscross Words is free downloadable software created to facilitate the acquisition of specialized vocabulary quickly. Users can:

  • design and create personal dictionaries from which crossword puzzles can be generated
  • convert the puzzles directly into HTML to be used on the Internet
  • access an example of a dictionary and puzzle on modern history

Critically Analyzing Information Sources

This site helps with essays and research papers, taking users through a process that facilitates:

  • a critical assessment of print and online sources to help decide whether they are appropriate or not
  • an analysis of content information

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